"The Hero Journey," with Brad Chandler

I am SO excited to speak to today’s guest!!  This is the first man I’ve had on the show so far, and not only that, but he is one of my favorite humans - and I suspect, many of y’all’s favorites as well.

Brad Chandler a strategic business advisor, and owner of Brightspot Enthusiast.  (...even though, he tells me, he’d rather be known as a theater geek, meditation guru, and champion of the underdog!, which I seriously think he should put on his business cards...)

Brad provides a variety of services and, at the end of the day, helps businesses scale quickly – without imploding - using leadership & culture as a backbone.  

When I asked Brad for a bio…this will tell you a lot about his playful personality…he included facts like…

  1. At 8 years old- he had my own lemonade stand. 
  2. At 9 years old- he paid my friends hourly to run it while he played video games.

Since then, Brad has leveled-up a smidge, and among other things…managed an international brand in Hong Kong, founded and scaled a hybrid music studio in Hollywood, serves on non-profit boards and does fundraising…I happen to know he has 3 of the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen…

Resources Recommended by Brad:

  • The Dark Night of the Soul, Thomas Moore
  • Embracing Your Inner Critic, Hal Stone and Sidra Stone
  • When Things Fall Apart, Pema Chodron

Three "Failure-Wins" from Brad:

  • Once you've seen the worst, it doesn't scare you anymore.
  • Embracing your vulnerabilities let's you have compassion for others in the same position.
  • The label of 'failure' is self-imposed. You are the judge and jury– not the world.  Have grace.
  • Your experience of failure is a bridge into new blessings.  Be willing to receive what's coming.

Where can you find and connect with Brad?

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