"Maximum Mobility is an Inside Job," with Amy Westbrook

Amy Westbrook is an entrepreneur, former paraplegic, podcaster, founder of a 501c3 non-profit "Souled Out Ministries" and currently runs her speaking and equipping company "L!ve With Amy."

Her newly released book Souled Out! Attain Your Next Level-Life DESPITE Unexpected Outcomes tells how she walked out of her wheelchair and teaches life application principles to overcome.

She spent thirty-five years as a sales and marketing executive, specializing in both the hospitality and media industries, and is the mastermind behind The Freedom Success Method™, an online course designed to guide students to their next-level life. As a former radio show host, Amy has nearing 1,000 radio shows under her belt.

Westbrook has used her infectious passion to speak to audiences about the fact that they can live their dream life--despite life’s unexpected setbacks.

Amy currently resides in Austin, Texas.

Three "Calls to Action" Amy recommends we ALL implement in our lives today:

  • Check out Amy's podcast at, Live With Amy podcast, about Purpose #500-#503.  They will help you stop obsessing over what your purpose is and launch you into action that deepens purpose "as you progress."
  • Mental Fortitude is essential to create a next-level life- Begin by thinking about what you think about. Once you identify toxic patterns create an intervention word or declaration to break that cycle in your subconscious.
  • Stop asking "why me, why did this happen, why do I have to do this?" Instead ask "what?" "What am I to receive from this situation, what am I to contribute in this situation, what are the resources I need?" "Why" is a slippery slope and rarely produces fruit in any situation.

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