"Leaving the Campsite Cleaner Than When You Came," with Cherie Mathews

Cherie is a former IBMer in the field of Computer Engineering and research and development. She worked on special projects for NASA and reversed engineered the latest technology before it went to market. Cherie believes it is truly possible to change the world by taking ideas that solve problems and by putting action behind them to watch them grow. 

She is also a twenty-year breast cancer survivor and turned a bad thing into a good thing for others, she is the Founder and CEO of an Austin, Texas-based company called Healincomfort that has won many Innovative Awards and has been nationally and internationally recognized. The name of her company Healincomfort, appropriately named because from personal experience it was the last thing that occurred.

Healincomfort is dedicated to helping women and men heal in comfort and dignity after mastectomy surgery in their battle against breast cancer with her award-winning, patented, and innovative post-operative garment. The Healincomfort recovery garment holds two USA patents, one global patent-pending, five USA Trademarks. Healincomfort was first created to help one hundred local Austin, Texas patients, which has turned into helping over 40,000 patients throughout the USA.

Recent awards and recognition include the honor of being a 2020 Global Woman Summit Judge, 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year award from Male Breast Cancer Coalition, 2018 winner of the Exceptional Surprise Global Woman Inspirational Award, 2016 Woman's Way Business Award winner for Product Innovation...ET CETERA!

Three "Calls to Action" Cherie recommends we ALL implement in our lives today:

  • Love and respect the person looking back in the mirror.  If you can’t love yourself, you can’t help anyone else.  Reflect on what makes you a good person, what you stand for, and where you will not bend.
  • Identify what is broken - in the story of what happened to you, what EXACTLY got broken?  If you are spiraling out of control, or is there some tiny thing you can grab ahold of (something that is positive and ever-present)?  What can you control?  Find comfort in that.
  • How can you give so that you can receive?  Take your brothers and sisters with you.  Is there a need that is common to all of you who have walked that path?  Fill that void and you can give AND receive.

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LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/healincomfort/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/healincomfort
Twitter - https://twitter.com/healincomfort
Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/cheriebmathews
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Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/cherie_b_mathews/

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