"Building Community, Connection and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion," with Melinda Garvey

Melinda Garvey became an Austinite in the spring of 2001, and after just a few short months, she knew she had a mission give a voice to the incredible women in Austin. Garvey decided to use her media background to empower, engage and inspire the women of Austin with the launch of Austin Woman magazine, now in its 19th year.

Then, in 2016 On The Dot was born so that women around the globe could have that same access to role models. And to expand her mission further, in 2019 Garvey developed and launched a software platform to bring employee communities and membership communities together in our ever-expanding virtual world with On The Dot Global. In 2020, with the pandemic bearing down and virtual events becoming the norm, Garvey expanded her software capabilities to become the most robust and interactive platform for both virtual events and virtual communities.

In Garvey’s words: “It’s really all about leveling the playing field for women and diverse individuals in companies and members of organizations by giving them access to mentors, peers, content and events within their organizations, creating opportunity for advancement, connection and ultimately equality.”

When not on her soapbox, you can find Garvey and her Kiwi husband and business partner, Kip, at a soccer or football game cheering on their 13 year-old son, Beckom. Other than that, you will find her surrounded by a gaggle of women drinking wine and dreaming up how to create change in the world!

Garvey recently received the prestigious Diversity First Certification from the National Diversity Council and is a frequent speaker on the topics of women’s advancement and diversity, equity and inclusion issues.

Melinda's Calls to Action:

  1. FIND YOUR TRIBE! They will be instrumental in helping get you where you want to go.
  2. Make Introductions—SHARE your network and it will grow exponentially
  3. Quit trying to get off the roller coaster—manifest the “kiddie coaster” instead!

Melinda's Recommendations:

  1. See It To Be It Podcast (by yours truly😊)
  2. Reading:  READ FOR PLEASURE! Let it be an escape for you—if you can actually escape, your mind becomes more creative when you are back in reality. Don’t over-do the business and self-help books!

Melinda's Companies:
Austin Woman Magazine - https://atxwoman.com 
On the Dot Global - https://onthedotglobal.com 
On the Dot Woman - https://onthedotwoman.com 

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